Description - Responsibilities

The 30th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquitites is located in Aiane and includes the perfecture of Kozani and Grevena.

The authority of the 30th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities refers to all matters concerning the discovery, safeguard and protection of Hellenic heritage, their exposition in museums, the conservation, reconstruction, study and publication of the monuments as well as the administrative duty to assure the observance of the legislative decrees concerning the antiquities.

Ziota Christina

Is under: General Directorate of Antiquities

Dependent Departments:
Department of Archaeological Sites, Monuments and Archaeognostic Research
Department of Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programmes
Department of Documentation, Recording and Publication
Conservation Department
Department of Archaeological Works and Maintenance of Building Installations
Department of Administration and Finance
Security and Information Office

Contact Info:
Aiani Arcaeological Museum
500 04 Aiani
Phone: +30 24610 98551, 98800-1
Fax: +30 24610 98800-1

Activity of the Service
Archaeological sites related to the service
Monuments related to the service
Chamber tomb A at Aiani
Chamber tomb B at Aiani
House of the ashlar masorny
House with loomweights
House with pithoi
House with the staircases
Macedonian Tomb at Spelia
Public building with cistern
Stoic building
Museums related to the service
Aiani Archaeological Museum
Archaeological Collection of Grevena
Archaeological Collection of Kozani
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