Description - Responsibilities

The 5th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquitites is located in Sparta and includes the perfectures of Lakonia.

The authority of the 5th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities refers to all matters concerning the discovery, safeguard and protection of Hellenic heritage, their exposition in museums, the conservation, reconstruction, study and publication of the monuments as well as the administrative duty to assure the observance of the legislative decrees concerning the antiquities.

Padou Evaggelia

Is under: General Directorate of Antiquities

Dependent Departments:
Department of Archaeological Sites, Monuments and Archaeognostic Research
Department of Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programmes
Department of Documentation, Recording and Publication
Conservation Department
Department of Archaeological Works and Maintenance of Building Installations
Department of Administration and Finance

Contact Info:
Address: 59 Agesilaou Str., 231 00 Sparta
Telephone: +30 27310-25363 +30 27310-28503 +30 27310-81128
Fax:: +30 27310-25363

Offices in other towns:

5th - Office in Monemvasia
Responsable : Panagiota Skaggou
Address: Castle of Monemvasia
el: +30 27320 61403
Fax: +30 27320 61403

Activity of the Service
Archaeological sites related to the service
Monuments related to the service
Agia Sofia of Mystra
Agioi Theodoroi of Mystra
Agios Nikolaos of Mystra
Church of Agia Varvara of Erimos
Church of Agios Nikolaos at Agoriani
Monastery of Agioi Tessarakontes
Monastery of Pantanassa
Museums related to the service
Archaeological Museum of Mystras
Monemvasia Archaeological Collection
Museum of Pikoulakis tower-house
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