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The 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquitites is located in Polygyros and includes the perfectures of Chalikidiki and Agio Oros.

The authority of the 10th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities refers to all matters concerning the discovery, safeguard and protection of Hellenic heritage, their exposition in museums, the conservation, reconstruction, study and publication of the monuments as well as the administrative duty to assure the observance of the legislative decrees concerning the antiquities.

Is under: General Directorate of Antiquities
Activity of the Service
Archaeological sites related to the service
Archaeological walk of Ouranoupolis
Monastic complex of Nea Flogita
Mount Athos
Monuments related to the service
Church of the Protaton (Koimisi Theotokou)
Fortification wall* of Kassandria
Monastery of Agia Anastasia Farmakolytria
Monastery of Agios Panteleimon
Monastery of Agios Pavlos
Monastery of Chilandariou
Monastery of Dionysiou
Monastery of Dochiariou
Monastery of Esfigmenou
Monastery of Filotheou
Monastery of Gregoriou
Monastery of Iviron
Monastery of Karakallou
Monastery of Konstamonitou
Monastery of Koutloumousiou
Monastery of Megisti Lavra
Monastery of Pantokratoros
Monastery of Simonos Petras
Monastery of Stavronikita
Monastery of Vatopedi
Monastery of Xenofontos
Monastery of Xiropotamou
Monastery of Zographou
Monastery of Zygou
Museums related to the service
Tower of Ouranoupolis
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