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The 12st Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquitites is located in Kavala and includes the perfectures of Kavala, Serres and Drama.

The authority of the 12st Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities refers to all matters concerning the discovery, safeguard and protection of Hellenic heritage, their exposition in museums, the conservation, reconstruction, study and publication of the monuments as well as the administrative duty to assure the observance of the legislative decrees concerning the antiquities.

Dadaki Stavroula

Is under: General Directorate of Antiquities

Dependent Departments:
Department of Archaeological Sites, Monuments and Archaeognostic Research
Department of Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programmes
Department of Documentation, Recording and Publication
Conservation Department
Department of Archaeological Works and Maintenance of Building Installations
Department of Administration and Finance

Contact Info:
Address: 14 Kyprou Str., 651 10 Kavala
Telephone: +30 2510 224716, +30 2510 228689
Fax: +30 2510 620753

Offices in other cities or Departments:

Labour space of 12th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities Serres
Person in charge: I. Kamilalis (Guardian of Antiquities)
Address: Theodorou Komninou 6
Tel: + 30.23210.56205
Fax: + 30.23210.56205

Activity of the Service
Archaeological sites related to the service
Acropolis of Kavala
Byzantine acropolis of Serres
Early Christian Amphipolis
Monuments related to the service
Angista Mansion
Church of Agia Sophia at Drama
Church of Agios Nicholaos at Eleonas
Church of the Taxiarches at Drama
Medieval aqueduct
Monastery of Panagia Kosmosotira, Ferres
Monastery of Timios Prodromos
Mosque of Mehmet Bey at Serres
Mosque of Mehmet I
Old Cathedral of Serres
Tower of Apollonia
Tower of "Phonia"
Zinzirli Djami
Museums related to the service
Ecclesiastical Museum of the Holy Bishopry of Maroneia and Komotini
Museum of the Old Cathedral at Serres
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